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I have been brewing wine and beer (all grain & extract) for a good many years. Have been rather fugal with the purchase of equipment and made most of the stuff out of buckets and thing that I had in the house. Have been thinking about a conical fermenter but don?t want to spend the cash lay out for one. Wondering if I could make one I went to the net and found

 How to Build a Conical Fermentor

Cheap By

Scott Northuis


Scott made his out of copper, but I don?t have any copper and the way they are stealing copper around here the price must be high. I do have plastic buckets (grocery stories get the dough for baking in food grade buckets). The problem was could I weld the plastic? Cut the bottom out of one of the buckets and cut the bottom in half. Used a soldering iron to weld the halves back to gather and the weld was good. The top part of the bucket was used for the base of the fermenter and a cone was made for the bottom from another bucket.


The cone is a half circle cut from the other bucket with a radius equal to the diameter of the bottom of the fermenter. Go to Scotts URL to see a sketch of this. The two radius are then welded together and then welded to the upper bucket. The complete fermenter is shown below. The bucker that I used for the cone, used the top rim for a stand. Added three 2x2 wooden legs and a round wood base. I'm not happy with the spigots, but are the best that I could find for the plastic and the price I wanted to pay. 


Haven?t been able to find anyone else that has used plastic bucket to make the fermenter. Didn?t invent the wheel, but this maybe helpful to someone that would like to have a cheap fermenter.


Any suggestion that you may have would be helpful. (dcole89@netscape.com) This is number one and if I find a better way I?ll make another.


The two pieces welded together.




The complete conical fermenter.



The wooden stand made from 2x2's and a plywood base to hold the legs straight.